Given our many years of previous public accounting experience, we completely understand how an accountant's public practice operates and we also understand the incredible potential that exists for an accountant to ensure their clientele are much better served in the areas of financial and investment management. We feel an accountant has a responsibility to help raise the awareness of the potentially biased financial advice their clients may have been receiving for most of their lives. We welcome accountants to share with their tax clients the benefits of receiving unbiased financial information as well as the benefits of having access to all of the opportunities that exist in the many different investment marketplaces, and not just simply the investments that their current financial advisor is licensed to sell.  Through our in-house company, Accountants Capital Corp, we partner with accountants in public practice that wish to expand their accounting practices into the area of investment money management for their tax clientele; this has become a very popular structure given the accountant adds an additional revenue stream to their accounting practice while having the choice to be as actively involved as they want or, alternatively, to simply be an inactive partner with Accountants Capital Corp. To facilitate the various investment opportunities available, Accountants Capital Corp uses the Canadian Investment Services investment framework.