Hogenhout & Associates

Through my investment management company Hogenhout & Associates Incorporated, and using the Canadian Investment Services investment platform, I provide Private Investment Management services to High Net Worth clients. This service is provided by assuming the role as your “Financial Quarterback” to work within your professional network as follows; 1) LEGAL – I work with your lawyer(s) to ensure a proper tax structure is established, which may include using Family Trusts as well as Investment Holding Companies, and to ensure your estate is structured in the most tax effective way based on your estate needs and desires; 2) TAXATION – I work with your current public accountant(s) or, as an alternative, I gladly provide your required taxation needs through my own public accounting practice; 3) INVESTMENTS – As mentioned I use the Canadian Investment Services investment platform to provide investment services within the regulated investment marketplace and I also assist my clients if they wish to invest outside of the regulated investment marketplace, such as investing in your own business, buying your own rental property or even investing in third party business opportunities.

BEC Talks: Tax Tips For Small Business

In our latest BEC talks instalment, we feature Gerry Hogenhout, owner of Hogenhout and Associates Incorporated as he discusses tax implications for Small Business. Are you looking for information on incorporating vs. sole proprietorship? Are you looking for information on your obligations to the three levels of government? OR are you looking for information on self-employment expenses/ hiring subcontractor vs. employees? You won’t want to miss out on watching this amazing video if any of these topics and others peek your interest!