Re-Imagine Your Accounting Practice

Re-Imagine Your Accounting Practice

Let us help you enhance your business and your clients' portfolio at the same time! 

In the past year there has been a huge push in the area of Business Innovation and ReThinking the Traditional Accounting Practice. I would like to give you an opportunity to re-imagine the typical operation of a traditional tax preparation and bookkeeping accounting practice! 

DID YOU KNOW… The investment industry regulators have created a Framework that does not allow a licensed investment advisor to put the best interests of their clients first?

DID YOU KNOW… A licensed financial advisor has the Fiduciary obligation to the investment company that licenses them, and not to their client?

Most financial advisors are licensed into one financial sector and can therefore only recommend a small number of products,  which results in their recommendations not being based on an investor’s needs. Instead they are based on those advisors’ limitations. This means your clients receive biased financial information from their current advisors who can only discuss their own product shelf, excluding the many opportunities that may be much better suited for them!

By working with us and adding Financial Services/ Investment Management to your Traditional Accounting Practice you can ensure your clients are better served! 

 Learn how the investment marketplace has become broken and why CIS is a better way to disperse financial advice to investors. 



Gerry Hogenhout built Canadian Investment Services out of the experience of running a tax accounting practice as a CPA professional who then proceeded to become the only Canadian to be licensed in all five regulated investment marketplaces (stocks/ bonds, mutual funds, private equity, mortgages and insurance).  While also creating many real estate related investment stratagies through building this knowledge and experience it became clear to Gerry that; 

1) today’s investment industry is very poorly structured (as detailed above) 

2) many clients rely on and trust their CPA professionals when making investment decisions

And so he decided to create a solution that would allow him to provide unbiased advise to his accounting clients when they came to him to discuss their investments.



Because Canadian Investment Services operates on a referral basis instead of holding an investment license, we are free to create our own investment products and offer what we believe in. It’s a level of flexibility and choice you don’t see every day.

It’s all about education. We educate clients about the various marketplaces we have access to – which is all of them – and the financial products available in them. We then educate ourselves about a client’s goals and risk tolerance and determine what product or combination of products makes the most financial sense for them.



Being CPA’s ourselves we know the high standards imposed upon CPA’s.

Why work with us?:

  • Your clients  receive unbiased financial planning advice adding value to your accounting practice
  • Your clients  receive access to information in both regulated and non regulated marketplaces 
  • You can remain as involved as you would like 
  • You add an additional revenue stream to your accounting practice 


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