About Us

What We Offer

Canadian Investment Services works with both individual and corporate investors as well as financial advisors who challenge the status quo of using traditional investments such as stocks and mutual funds (ie public assets) and, as a supplement, also see the value in the various real estate investment opportunities (ie private assets) that are available in the investment marketplace. Canadian Investment Services is the only investment company in Canada to offer a full complement of investment opportunities from both the “Regulated Investment Marketplace” as well as the “Non-Regulated Investment Marketplace”.

Stocks & Bonds (Regulated by OSC – IIROC)
Mutual Funds (Regulated by OSC – MFDA)
Private Equity (Regulated by OSC – EMD)
Mortgages (Regulated by FSCO)
Insurance (Regulated by FSCO)

These are the 5 separately licensed and governed marketplaces in the “Regulated Investment Marketplace”, offering investments used by most traditional advisors.

Private Real Estate Joint Ventures … (real estate investment opportunities !!)
Holding Mortgages in Your RRSPs … (real estate investment opportunities !!)
Owning Your Own Rental Property … (real estate investment opportunities !!)
Private Mortgage Lending………… (real estate investment opportunities !!)
Private Limited Partner.…………… (real estate investment opportunities !!)
Real Estate FixNFlip Projects ……. (real estate investment opportunities !!)
Child Home Ownership Program … (real estate investment opportunities !!)

As you can see, there are many more real estate investment opportunities in the “Non-Regulated Investment Marketplace”, offering investment opportunities that are not commonly used by traditional financial advisors but are actively used by Canadian Investment Services.

Our Story

The story of Canadian Investment Services starts with Founding Principal Gerry J. Hogenhout, a Chartered Professional Accountant who started off working many years in the small business and tax department of Deloitte Touche, Chartered Accountants after which he set up his own tax practice and spent many more years working in various investment industries which included all of the 5 separately regulated investment marketplaces in the province of Ontario, which are;
1) Stocks & Bonds; 2) Mutual Funds; 3) Private Equity; 4) Mortgages; 5) Insurance.
This diverse background required Gerry to be licensed and regulated at different times as a stockbroker, a mutual fund representative, a private equity specialist, a mortgage agent and a life licensed insurance agent which makes Gerry the only person in Canada to have been licensed in all of the 5 regulated investment marketplaces while holding a Chartered Professional Accountant designation.  Throughout his professional tax and investment career, Gerry has also been a lifelong real estate investor.

Our Four Core Pricipals

Recognizing the need for an investment planning platform to follow four core principals as fundamental cornerstones to the investment planning process, Canadian Investment Services was established with these four beliefs;


Clients that have a better knowledge of the investment industry are better able to make investment decisions for themselves.


Clients may very well be better served by considering other options than traditional RRSPs for retirement and tax savings.


Clients are much better served by having access to all of the investment products available to them in all of the 5 separately regulated investment marketplaces.
(stocks& bonds, mutual funds, private equity, mortgages, insurance) as well as the many real estate related investments that are available in the non regulated investment marketplace.


The overall investment planning process should include a strong understanding of Canadian taxation given taxes are integral to many different investment strategies as well as being a clients largest expense throughout their lifetime