Welcome to the
CIS Financial Education Service

For those of you who are familiar with Canadian Investment Services, you know that we have revolutionized the way that investment management and investment product advice are being provided to people.

Now we are doing the same in the area of financial planning.

We are a company that challenges the traditional methods used by today’s investment companies, and we believe in providing our clients with as much information as possible to educate them about not only their financial planning but also the investment products needed in their financial plan. We truly put the best interests of our clients first by ensuring they use investment products in their financial plans that are best suited to their financial needs. 

We are proud to say that we are now aiming to revolutionize how financial planning is being provided to people with our Financial Education Service.

While Canadian Investment Services is a unique real estate-focused investment company, we also provide professional financial planning and estate management services utilizing our own financial planning tool, Financial Vision.

Financial Vision

- a revolutionary financial planning tool -

Financial Vision is a custom-developed, cloud-based financial planning tool perfectly suited for people who prefer to take a more active role in their own financial planning, as well as anyone interested in learning more about their finances. 

Check out our explainer video to find out more about Financial Vision, which you receive when you subscribe to our Financial Planning Club.

What do Financial Planning Club members receive?

Access to The Financial Education Service is secured subscription-based membership model designed to provide ongoing services, including:

A 1-hour kickoff session with a CIS team member who will draw up a bespoke financial plan for you using our Financial Vision software

Access to our professional staff to continually update your financial plan, which becomes a continued work in progress

Continuous access to the most current and revised edition of Financial Vision as new versions become available

Access to estate planning services from our team of specialists

Exclusive access to our regular educational webinars covering a wide range of financial topics to help serve your financial planning and estate management services

Regular access to Gerry J. Hogenhout, Founding Principal of Canadian Investment Services, as your own personal mentor and ‘financial quarterback’ for any financial issues requiring professional guidance

Access to members-only discounts for many of the services and products provided through Canadian Investment Services

Full access to the Canadian Investment Services network of highly skilled financial professionals (including authors, coaches, and different types of instructors) all of whom will share their professional expertise via webinars and instructional groups

Benefits of Joining Our Club

The ability to communicate and network within our community of like minded members which will allow members to share information and ask questions amongst each other about various financial and investment topics.

Access to the complete Canadian Investment Services product line of unbiased investment products, which are either created internally or accessed through 3rd party vendors, in order to utilize within your own financial plan.

Exclusive access to regular Q&A webinars where we openly discuss and debate various tax, investment, estate and financial planning topics.

Continued ongoing education so you become better able to utilize, as well as better understand, Financial Vision which then allows you to better utilize this financial planning tool on your own.

How does $99/month compare to the value of these services?

A professionally prepared financial plan alone will typically cost between $3,000 - $4,000 and most offer no ongoing support.

Standard financial planning software usually comes at an additional charge of between $2,000 - $3,000 if purchased separately.

All the additional services we provide, such as access to our team of professionals, access to our cloud-based platforms, our webinars, our estate planning services, and our members-only discounts, is valued between $5,000 - $15,000.

Our Financial Club Members get all of these services for the low cost of just $99/month, which is tax-deductible which could reduce your fee to $50 per month.