CIS Private Bank of Investment Capital

Introducing the CIS Private Bank of Investment Capital (CIS-PBIC)

The Canadian Investment Services Private Bank of Investment Capital (CIS-PBIC) is an exclusive database of potential investors who want to be informed of the latest investment opportunities curated by CIS.

The CIS-PBIC is not a bank, given it does not hold any capital and does not provide any banking services itself. Rather, it is a database of investors and this is an opportunity for you to join our exclusive shortlist of investors looking to bolster their financial planning and investment portfolios. 

How it works

Once our financial specialists select a promising investment opportunity, we inform all our investors in the CIS-PBIC database and determine who is interested in receiving further information. For those interested investors, we provide detailed information and necessary education in order to properly gauge their level of interest.

For example, CIS creates many internal joint venture partnerships, such as a real estate Fix n’ Flips. These types of investment structures are driven by the desires of many of our investors. We continue to structure millions of dollars of real estate Fix n’ Flips to provide ongoing investment diversity for all our investors.

Additionally, the CIS-PBIC database is used to distribute relevant information regarding exciting new investment opportunities derived from our trusted associates that we believe will be of interest to the CIS-PBIC investor database.

To date, all investment opportunities created internally by CIS have been funded through the CIS-PBIC.

How to register

Registering for the CIS-PBIC database is simple, simply complete the form below and we will get back to you.