About Us

Canadian Investment Services (CIS) was built on the belief that people need proper education and information about investment products and financial services, as well as unbiased access to all of these products and services.

CIS believes that the current model in todays world, whereby people are simply sold investment products by an investment advisor based on the investment license they may hold, is not in the clients’ best interests at all nor does it serve them very well.

The CIS approach is much different, we provide clients with proper education and information and help them navigate the myriad of investment and financial options to ensure they end up invested in the investment products they desire and deem suitable. At CIS, we proudly say that our clients are invested into investment products that they really want to be invested into.

Also, todays current model of investment and financial management does not really provide people with much access to real estate investments. At CIS we believe investors should have access to various types of different real estate related investment opportunities for their investment portfolios, such as real estate joint ventures, limited partnerships, owning your own rental property, direct private lending, FixNFlips, holding mortgages in RRSPs, rent-to-own opportunities etc etc.

Simply put, people just need the proper education and information followed by unbiased access to any and all of the investment products they may desire to fulfill their own investment goals.

Our Services

Executive Team

Gerry J. Hogenhout

CIS – CPA, CGA, CFP, AMP – Founding Principle

Gerry cut his teeth in the tax department at Deloitte and Touche Chartered Accountants before entering the investment world and eventually becoming the only Canadian to be licensed in all five of the different and separate regulated investment marketplaces (stocks/bonds, mutual funds, private equity, mortgages and insurance) while also holding a Chartered Professional Accountant designation. During his investment career Gerry has become a prominent real estate investor while creating many of the real estate investment structures offered within Canadian Investment Services. With this unique investment background, as well as a desire to ensure investment clients have their best interests properly served, Gerry became the founding principle of Canadian Investment Services.

Email: gerry@canadianinvestmentservices.com

Farid Kanji

CIS – Business Operations 

Farid facilitates the business operations of Canadian Investment Services along with maintaining the computer systems for the organization. Farid is a computer management specialist with a long list of experience maintaining information systems within the banking and investment industry. Farid is also a Certified Project Manager as well as a Certified Quickbooks Online Specialist.

Email: farid@canadianinvestmentservices.com

Andrew Adams

CIS – Legal Counsel 

Andrew provides all legal counsel for Canadian Investment Services through his law practice Evans & Adams, Barristers Solicitors Notaries, located in Orangeville ONT.

Email: andrew@evansandadams.com

Dhiren Avaiya, CPA

CIS – Tax Department

Dhiren is a Chartered Professional Accountant with an extension background in public accounting and accounting systems. Dhiren works within the tax department of Canadian Investment Services to provide his tax expertise to the CIS clientele.

Email: Dhiren@canadianinvestmentservices.com

Tara Partridge

CIS – Financial and Estate Planning Department

Tara has developed an integrated approach to wealth maximization by incorporating all aspects of the financial picture (tax, investment, finance, estate, and legacy planning). Tara helps her clients to minimize confusion, expense, estate taxes and lost assets by bridging the gaps that arise from segregated plans. As your finance and estate planning architect, Tara will collaborate with the CIS team of experts to design, oversee, and construct a comprehensive plan to suit your unique situation and goals. With the incorporation of tax efficiencies, succession planning and asset protection strategies,
CIS is your one stop shop for advice and guidance on all aspects of the financial and estate planning process.

Email: tara@canadianinvestmentservices.com

Lazarus Kaoma

CIS – Gold & Silver Department

After graduating from Crandall University in Moncton, NB. Lazarus embarked on a financial career with a number of major Canadian banks, specializing in financial services, investment management, with an emphasis on precious metals. With this background Lazarus is now the manager of the CIS Gold & Silver Department.

Email: lazarus@canadianinvestmentservices.com


Matt Bartol

CIS – Dominican Republic Department 

As a past owner of a real estate brokerage in Ontario, Matt turned his attention to the Dominican Republic and, for the past 10 years, has become very active with the local real estate market down there. Matt is a fantastic resource to help you build your dream
Iifestyle in the Dominican Republic.

Email: matt@bluesurf.ca


David Grossman

CIS – Mortgage Department 

David Grossman MBA is a mortgage broker with 20 years experience, a licensed Dealing Representative offering private investments, and a musician.

David has experience working on all kinds of mortgages including 1st and 2nd residential, commercial and construction mortgages. He will shop to find you the best rates, so you don’t have to!

Not getting the service you need from the bank? Call David. David has access to both institutional and private funds and looks forward to working on your mortgage.

Email: david_grossman@rogers.com

Andrea Bailey

CIS – Canadian Immigration Department 

Andrea is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) bringing a wealth of experience in the field of immigration, especially within the world of entrepreneurs and businesspersons seeking to access the North American market. Andrea is also an investment-focused Realtor, and a real estate investor.

Email: andrea@thebaileyadvantage.com

Sam Hogenhout

CIS – Tax Technician 

After graduating from the University of Waterloo, Sam completed the H&R income tax course and has worked in public accounting for many years; he is now a valued  member of our CIS Tax Department.

Email: sam@canadianinvestmentservices.com