Canadian Investment Services is an investment management company as well as a tax preparation company and also advocates providing unbiased financial education and information to people that are interested in expanding their financial knowledge and literacy. 

Given the formal education system does not provide people with the necessary financial skills and education, Canadian Investment Services fills that void with creation of The CIS Inner Circle.

The CIS Inner Circle is for those people who want to increase their financial skills and literacy, which includes in-depth studies in many different areas of financial education, including; the income tax system, the investment marketplace, various different types of investment products, real estate investing, tax minimization structures, negotiating mortgages, financing, joint ventures, limited partnerships, accessing other people’s money, analyzing investment deals as well as many more financial, tax and investment topics; 

The CIS Inner Circle is also for people who want to learn more about financial planning education and to also become part of their own financial planning process by learning how to utilize our financial planning software, called Financial Vision. 

Accordingly, I invite you to explore the many benefits of joining The CIS Inner Circle and, needless to say, we welcome you aboard; let the learning and comradery begin! 

The CIS Inner Circle


The CIS Inner Circle has been designed to provide our tax and investment clients with an upgraded service option as well as to become a source for the financial literacy and educational learning that was not provided by the traditional education system. 

Among other benefits, by becoming a member of the Inner Circle, you will be provided the following services;


– CIS provides free monthly Educational Webinars on various financial topics, these seminars are usually not recorded but, for Inner Circle members, these seminars will be recorded and made available to anyone in the Inner Circle

– Additional educational sessions called “Mastermind Sessions”, which will only be provided to Inner Circle members which will be facilitated to provide members a much better overall and understanding of the many aspects of today’s financial world. 

– Any Inner Circle member, if desired, will have the opportunity to become a “CIS Associate” (visit, click on “Career Opportunities” for more information)

– Access to networking events or forums exclusively for Inner Circle members to connect and meet like minded people

– Inner Circle members will be informed about the latest legal and regulatory changes that may impact their financial and tax strategies

– Inner Circle members will have opportunities to joint venture with each other

– A deeply discounted annual fee of only $199, compared to the regular price of $1,399, to access all the courses and programs from The Canadian Tax Academy as well as free access to their monthly newsletter (

– Inner Circle members will be invited to a week long trip to the Dominican Republic to spend a week with CIS staff as well as other members of the Inner Circle (members will pay their own costs to the DR, but CIS will work on discounted pricing as well as providing certain additional services while members spend their week in the Dominican Republic)

– Free access to our internally created bookkeeping systems, called “CIS Bookkeeping for Small Business” (as a reference, just QBO online can cost you $70 monthly on its own)


– Ongoing CRA representation – as CRA continues to increase their audit and compliance staff, more and more clients are subjected to audits of their personal, corporate or trust tax returns; with this increasing CRA compliance comes an increasing cost to CIS to provide year end representation for our clients, if you are a member of the Inner Circle the continued cost of year round CRA representation is provided free of charge

– Members of the Inner Circle will have “preferred customer service status” by Canadian Investment Services staff re the tax services and ongoing tax inquiries 

– Your annual UHT (Underused Housing Tax) will be prepared for you free of charge

– Your annual Canada Information Form filings will be prepared for you free of charge (we will pay the annual filing fee as well)


– All members will get the upgraded version of our financial planning program, called Financial Vision, and there will be continued education sessions for members to learn how to use Financial Vision

– If desired, members of the Inner Circle will work with a CIS team member to help them to create and maintain their financial plan using FInancial Vision

– Members of the Inner Circle will have Gerry Hogenhout as their personal mini CFO nd personal financial coach, ie, members will have access to Gerry to discuss and strategize any and all of their personal, corporate and trust financial activities  


– Estate Planning Services – we will create an Estate Planning folder in your Google Drive client management system that will itemize everything you’ll need for your estate, and this will be continuously updated (we will become the one stop shop for your Executor to start the process of accessing information)

– Discounted pricing for “Estate Executor” services

– Discounted pricing for being the liaison with your own executors and estate lawyers

– Discounted pricing for your final personal and estate trust tax return preparation 


– Discounted pricing for gold and silver purchases through CIS Gold & Silver Dealership

– Early access to exclusive CIS internally crested real estate related investment opportunities 


Email and request “CIS Inner Circle sign up package”


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