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Time To Become ... a CIS Inner Circle Member !!!

INNER CIRCLE a membership based Financial Planning Group

As a CIS Inner Circle member, not only do you have access to our Financial Planning and Estate Architects, but you also have life time access and learning of our award winning financial planning program called Financial Vision.

As a CIS Inner Circle member we will help you learn how to do your own financial planning.

Let us help you create your personalized financial roadmap with our tax, investment, financial planning and estate experts. 

Maximize your wealth and optimize your inter-generational wealth transfer through our tax, investment  and retirement planning  strategies

The CIS Inner Circle


  • Get guidance on using CIS Financial Vision software for better collaboration with your CIS Financial Architect.
  • Collaborate with your CIS Financial Architect for ongoing support and updates.
  • Access a master financial plan integrating tax, investment, finance, and estate strategies.
  • Consult Gerry Hogenhout, principal of Canadian Investment Services, as your personal CFO for personal and corporate financial strategies. 
  • Access to the private instructional library of videos that teach you how to use our financial planning tool, Financial Vision.
  • We will ensure that your financial affairs are properly integrated from a financial planning perspective to ensure maximum tax integration with your investment management (this is a very important benefit give most people do not have proper integration between what is happening in their tax lives and what is happening in the their investment lives).

CIS will store an estate plan folder in our system with all essential estate details for easy access by your executor.

Discounted rates on Executor Services.

Reduced prices on final personal tax filing and estate trust tax returns.

Access to our partnered estate lawyers.

Given we are CPAs as well as provide investment management services, your estate planning, strategies and structures will ensure your assets will pass through your estate, to your beneficiaries, in the most tax effective way; our goal will always be to minimize the income tax that you pay on your final tax filing which will then ensure your assets will transfer to your beneficiaries in the most tax effective way possible.


For our tax clients, as a member of the CIS Inner Circle, you will get free ongoing CRA support for items should as CRA audits, CRA reassessments, as well as any CRA issues that come up regarding your tax filings
Through our thorough financial planning process, we will ensure your financial affairs are properly structured between the use of operating companies, holding companies and trusts (only when the same company looks after your tax flings and your investment management, can the financial planning process optimize your tax filings with your investment management. 
Lifetime access of our library of all of our monthly CIS webinar recordings as well as many recording specific for our CIS members.
An invitation to our annual week of “Fun In The Sun Learning”, were we all book into the Casa Marina Resort in Sosua, Dominican Republic for a week long adventure of learning, camaraderie and fellowship (we will be having daily educational sessions, anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours, to discuss topics such as hands on learning how to use Financial Vision as well as many other topics and speakers in the areas of taxation, investment management and financial planning); the goal is for this to be an educational experience but also a fun experience to build relationships within our CIS Inner Circle membership as well as to show off the beauty of the Dominican Republic, which is an area that we have chosen to focus on for those people interested in investing outside of Canada. 


CIS Financial & Estate Planning Service pays for itself!

Affordable payment options

Doing a financial plan can cost upwards of $6000+. We know this is the reason why many people don’t have a financial plan, so at CIS, we help you cut these costs.

Become a CIS Inner Circle Member by only paying a $750 initial up front fee plus a monthly fee of $129 for 36 months (or one lump sum payment of $5000.)

You will now become a life time member of the CIS Inner Circle.


Reserved solely for our esteemed CIS Inner Circle Members, you will receive the many benefits that are outlined above. 

To become a CIS Inner Circle member either email us at gerry@canadianinvestmentservices.com or click the link below!

Our Team

Our team comprises dedicated professionals with expertise in financial planning, tax strategies, estate planning, and investment management. We collaborate closely to provide personalized solutions tailored to your financial goals, ensuring you receive comprehensive and effective guidance.

Gerry J. Hogenhout

Financial Architect

Tara Partridge

Estate Planner

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The CIS Inner Circle

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