Ancillary Services

Tax Practice

Gerry Hogenhout, the founder and principal of Canadian Investment Services, operates a public accounting practice named Gerry J. Hogenhout, Chartered Professional Accountant, which is a registered public accounting practice with the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Ontario; through this accounting practice Gerry provides personal, corporate & trust income tax return preparation

Financial Planning

At CIS, we have created our own internal financial planning software program, called Financial Vision, which helps our clients easily visualize their investments as well as their financial life into their future. Our clients end up with a very simplistic snapshot of their finances, displayed on a very easy to read and understand spreadsheet, which can easily be adjusted to reflect desired and targeted variables such as rates of return, spending habits, income expectations as well as any variables required.

Financial Vision has also become a great tool to not only deal with client assets and finances, but it also becomes a great tool to visualize and discuss various estate planning needs and issues. We are so proud of our internally created financial planning program that we make it available for anyone to use on their own absolutely free.

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Mortgage Services

At CIS, we are very proud to offer professional mortgage services to our network of clients as well as making these services available for our Third-Party CIS Associates. Partnering with various mortgage agents and brokers our clients receive better access to mortgage funding.

Insurance Services

Through our extensive referral network, we offer access to many different and diverse licensed insurance agents. At CIS we understand the insurance industry very well and, as such, we properly represent the needs of our client when working with the various licensed insurance agents who belong to our network. 

The insurance needs of any individual or business become much better served with CIS through our internal CIS Risk Management insurance division.

Estate Planning

It’s never too early to focus on estate planning. Ensure that your family is well taken care of in the unfortunate event that you pass away. We can give you peace of mind knowing that the one’s you loved are covered.

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