Career Opportunities

Do you have a business with a database of clients in need of financial and/or investment advice? 

Are your clients aware of the limitations of their current investment advisor?

Do you want to ensure your clients’ best interests are always being served? 

Join Canadian Investment Services as an Associate and provide your clients with access to unparalleled investment opportunities.

How it works

Our innovative Canadian Investment Services platform was created for Associates such as real estate agents, accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and tax preparers, or any other business with a client-focused database who recognize the added value benefit they can provide in creating suitable and unbiased investment solutions for their clients. 

The businesses we work with understand the current malfunctions of today’s investment marketplace which has evolved into a sales-driven, biased process and realize that the best interests of their clients are currently not being met. They are unaccepting of this and have found their clients can be much better served under the Canadian Investment Services platform building lifelong affiliations with Canadian Investment Services while adding an additional revenue stream to their own business.

Become An Associate With Canadian Investment Services.

    As an Associate you receive:

    • A complete investment platform for their clients to access the various investment products available in the marketplace
    • Education and information for you and your clients to ensure the product selection becomes a shared responsibility for both the client and the advisor
    • Professional resources to ensure a high level of service for your client
    • Ongoing educational information sessions to ensure updated investment information is available 
    • Guidance and mentorship to ensure the value added benefits are properly provided