Private Investment Marketplace

We have accumulated a wealth of experience within the real estate marketplace to provide you with a variety of attractive investment products suited to your investment needs.

Private Real Estate Joint Ventures

We take on the responsibility of sourcing various opportunities suited to every investor’s needs and present them for consideration. We facilitate the joint venture process and manage the projects ourselves, allowing us to keep our investors properly informed and updated regarding their investment projects.

Private Equity

Private equity investing has become a very popular alternative for many investors. Access to this marketplace was previously restricted to the very wealthy. However, recent regulatory changes have opened the door for investors of all kinds to utilize this marketplace. We have extensive experience in this area and through our various referral sources we can offer our clients many interesting alternative investment opportunities for their consideration.

Holding Mortgages in Your RRSPs

This is a well kept secret by traditional financial advisors who do not want their clients to know this as it takes business away from them. Holding mortgages in your RRSPs or pension accounts is a great way to get a 10-15% rate of return while your money is properly secured as a registered mortgage against a real estate asset.

Owning Your Own Rental Property

With our in-depth resources in the areas of real estate acquisitions, financing, leveraging and structuring, we are able to help investors looking to acquire their own rental properties to level-up their investment portfolio.

Direct Private Lending

This is a great way to not only earn a favorable interest rate, it also allows investors to participate in lender fees.

Private Mortgage Lending

This method of lending is secured by mortgage registration against a real estate asset with the terms established by the lender.

Private Limited Partnerships

This is a very effective tool to help investors diversify into a real estate investment strategy while restricting their liability within a limited partnership structure.

Real Estate Fix ‘n Flips

This type of investment involves buying a house or apartment and facilitating major renovations to increase the value of the house for eventual resale. These are usually short duration investment strategies with the ability for our investors to earn a higher than average rate of return on their investment.

For investors who enjoy being part of the investment process and understand both the benefits and risks of these types of investment structures, real estate Fix ‘n Flips offer an exciting investment opportunity to earn a decent rate of return in a relatively short period of time.

Child Home Ownership Program

We utilize family member RRSP and pension money and use these funds to help their children and grandchildren purchase their first home. 

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