Public Investment Marketplace

We source sound, unbiased investment products within the Public Investment Marketplace tailored to your investment needs.

Stocks and Bonds

Clients desiring individualized public asset investing can enlist us to set up a self-directed stock brokerage account to handle personalised trading. For larger investment accounts we facilitate a Portfolio Management account with one of our investment brokerage partners to provide robust institutional money management.

Mutual Funds

For clients who desire diversified public asset investing we have a referral contract with Robo-advisor firm Just Wealth. While we have unlimited access to many Robo-advisory firms, we use Just Wealth as our anchor firm for their exceptional and affordable money management services. 

Traditional mutual funds charge a management fee of around 2.5% – 3%, whereas Just Wealth provides the same level of investment management services at 0.5%, depending on the size of the investment portfolio. Even after we add our 1% referral fee, our clients still experience significant savings in the overall management for their diversified public asset investments. Most of our clients save at least 1% – 1.5% on the overall management of their portfolios which translates into significant savings over their lifetime. Let us show you how much 1% – 1.5% savings over your lifetime will put in your pocket.


While the mortgage industry is generally not viewed as a marketplace offering investment products, we work within the mortgage marketplace to ensure our clients have access to the most favorable mortgages available to them. We help our clients access favorable mortgage rates with the best possible terms.


We access the insurance industry to ensure our clients are getting proper insurance advice and coverage, while also utilizing the insurance industry to implement many of the insurance strategies within our clients’ corporate structures.

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