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We offer experienced and unbiased investment advice and guidance to anyone looking to level-up and diversify their investment portfolio. Trust the specialists.

When it comes to investment, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Today’s licensed advisors peddle investment products sold by their licensing firms which, instead of speaking directly to individual investors, serve the licensing firms. At Canadian Investment Services we provide experienced and unbiased investment education, information and advice.

The most unbiased investment advice that a client can receive comes from someone who is not tied to the sale of a product. That’s us.

We offer advice on both regulated market investment opportunities as well as the non-traditional investment market place. Read more about each below.

Public Investment Marketplace

Stocks/Bonds, Mutual Funds, Mortgages, and Insurance

This is where 99% of today’s investors receive their financial advice from their financial advisors. However, there are 2 problems with this:

 1) The majority of today’s financial advisors are licensed in only one of these marketplaces and therefore can only access financial products from that marketplace, which leads to biased financial advice. 

2) The public investment marketplace does not have access to the various types of real estate related investments that most investors want access to.

This is why we have secured direct access to all investment products in both the regulated investment marketplace and the real estate marketplace, providing our clients with unbiased investment options from both channels. This ensures our clients have full access to the many different investment opportunities available to them to boost their investment portfolio diversification for wider financial growth.

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The Private Investment Marketplace

Real Estate, Private Equity, and Other Non-Traditional Investments

Most licensed financial advisors do not have access to this lucrative investment marketplace because of licensing restrictions and yet this is the area where we specialize. There is an abundance of real estate-related investment opportunities available for savvy investors looking to bolster their investment portfolio, and we are one of the very few firms who are able to provide it.

We educate our clients on the various benefits and considerations regarding real estate investment to ensure they have all the necessary information to determine which investment opportunity best suits their needs. 

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We are invested in educating our clients so they are able to make informed decisions regarding their financial future. Be in the know with Canadian Investment Services. Book a free consultation now to learn how we can help you.