Introducing CIS’s ApartmentBuilding Joint Ventures

What are Apartment Building Joint Ventures?

Apartment Building Joint Ventures are investment structures that allow the average investor to become involved in the ownership of an apartment building. 

On behalf of our clients, our CIS investment specialists collaborate with various private investors and investment firms in the business of acquiring apartment buildings for sale, who also provide property management services. This way, we provide our clients with access to apartment building joint venture investment opportunities without the hassle of day-to-day property management – all the benefits without the headache.

How it works

Joint Ventures (JV) are collaborative investment structures best described as the creation of a “business entity” by two or more parties, generally characterized by shared ownership, shared responsibilities, shared returns and risks, and shared governance.

With the expertise of our internal legal team, CIS creates a Joint Venture (JV) agreement with a reputable 3rd party that is able to access the purchase of apartment buildings while also providing the property management services for each building. Once CIS has completed its due diligence, we create the appropriate JV agreement. CIS uses a separate JV for each separate building purchase, that way our investors are only invested in the buildings of their choice.

While the 3rd parties we use as JV partners look after the management of the apartment building, CIS assumes the financial controllership position internally and, as such, CIS maintains and controls the JV bank accounts on behalf of all the investors. This allows CIS the necessary due diligence to ensure all of the financial aspects of the JV are being properly handled and, for the benefit of our investors, we provide updated reports on an ongoing basis.

In regards to our investors, CIS is built on the principles of our clients being properly educated and informed about their investment decisions. As such, we spend the necessary time to make sure each investor is well informed and understands all aspects of these types of JV investments. Our corporate tagline is CIS = EIS, Canadian Investment Services = Education Information Selection, as such we ensure each investor is well Educated, well Informed as we help them with their investment product Selection.

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